It started with a crazy idea...

In 2010 I was in Budapest delivering a training course, with 3 other trainers, for journalists on how to shoot and edit video for TV news. While there I shot a short story with my iPhone 4 and edited on my iPad1. 8 years later, it’s crazy to think that that one eureka moment has shaped my life and career and put me on a path that has enriched my life and allowed me to travel the world showing organisations how to empower their staff as digital storytellers and mobile content creators.

In 2015 I managed to convince my boss in RTÉ (the Irish national broadcaster) to let me host the first ever conference dedicated to “mojo” (Mobile Journalism). That event, under a new independent name is now running into its fifth year. Mojofest will take place from 6-8th June in NUI Galway. For more info visit


Each year the event has attracted a group of incredibly talented photographers who share a passion for taking images with their iPhones. They have all been incredibly giving of their time, energy and expertise but for little reward. At the same time I have listened to the feedback from members of the public who wished to attend Mojofest but could not afford the ticket prices.

I decided a new event which will reward the photographers for sharing their expertise and at the same time make the workshops more financially accessible to the public would be a win-win. So with that in mind I set about creating a roadmap for Smartfotofest.

It is my hope that this event will grow into a multi-day international event with speakers, panels, workshops, exhibition, competitions and an expo on the latest smartphone gadgets for photography and video. This June 5th will be the first Smartfotofest and I hope you can join us in Galway for a day full or learning and inspiration.